Reaching the finish line in an ultramarathon requires more than just fitness. Diligent preparation and race support become more important the longer the distance of the event. The Immortal Race Crew is on a mission to help athletes achieve their racing goals by providing expert race crewing preparation and race support services to help runners achieve their goals.


Our Services


Crew Plan Consulting

Receive expert advice to help you prepare and execute your next ultra-distance event. We will produce a custom written plan that will take into account our in-depth experience with crewing both amateurs and professional runners.

Race Event Crewing

Our flagship service, Race Event Crewing means that we are your personal aid station and crew throughout your entire ultra-distance race.  Available at only a select set of races, this service allows athlete’s to only have to worry about one thing: getting to the finish line. We produce a written plan for each athlete and ensure that all your crewing needs are taken care of.

Elite Race Crewing for Pro Athletes, FKT Attempts, and Adventure Runs

This service for professional and elite runners, FKT Attempts, and Adventure Runners is the platinum standard of race event crewing. We provide multiple support crews providing for every need of an athlete during a race, including: detailed race pace planning, split-times on the competition, scouting, logistics, and pacing support.


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Chris DeNucci (Pro Ultrarunner)

"Having an organized and experienced race crew can be vital to success in ultra-distance events. Course knowledge, anticipating what an athlete might need, and problem solving ability form the basis of a solid crew and come with years of experience around ultra events. Immortal Race Crew cofounder, Chris Blagg, has years of ultra experience and has been a solid part of my Western States 100 mile crew, including helping me to a top 10 finish in 2016. I’m excited to see what Immortal Race Crew can offer!"


Matt Smith (Race Director, Kodiak 100)

"I've always known Shane and Chris to bring the stoke. They are on top of crew life and know how to bring both a positive attitude and specific ultra running knowledge whether racing, crewing, or volunteering."

Mario Fraioli (Elite Running Coach)

"I've had the pleasure of crewing with Chris (Immortal Race Crew Co-Founder) on two different occasions at Western States, a race known for its logistical challenges as much as its storied history. His enthusiasm, punctuality and attention to detail are second to none--I'd have him on my own crew anytime!"

Robert Rhodes (RD BayTrailrunners)

"Not only is Chris a good friend, but he is also a dedicated champion to the sport of ultrarunning and its community.  Meeting him and having him help out as CO-RD for BayTrailrunners has been a pleasure and one I will never forget. True to his mission, he goes wholeheartedly into seeing it through and will certainly accomplish great things!"