We have a passion for trail racing


Immortal Race Crewing started as a simple idea after co-founders Chris Blagg and Shane Nuthall were at the Chimera 100 located in Southern California. Chris was a participant and Shane was his Crew Chief. Chris and Shane being experienced trail runners, both realized that many athletes were not receiving the support needed at aid stations to successfully complete a race. However, seeking further adventures Shane has since departed from the company. Chris has also crewed for Bay Area pro runner Chris DeNucci twice at the Iconic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, which spawned this vision of Immortal Race Crewing. 


The Crew Chief

Chris Blagg


Founder & Crew Chief

My first trail running race was the Kodiak 50k in 2013 where I placed in the top ten.  This is where I first met my business partner Shane Nuthall. A year later I participated in my first 100 miler; the Kodiak 100 where I also placed in the top ten. I have completed numerous ultra races over the past five years. I have crewed at Western States twice for a top 20 and top 10 finisher. 

Being an avid lover of nature and the outdoors I decided to obtain my Wilderness First Responder certification from the National Outdoor Leadership School. This certificate and my passion for ultra running will allow me to better help fellow ultra runners finish challenging distances and witness their success of completion. I want to Crew YOU!

Event Crew

Our Crewing services aren't possible without the help of family and volunteers to make sure that our athletes have all the assistance they need to achieve their racing goals. All of our event crews are reimbursed for their time by receiving sweet Immortal Race Crew Swag, meals, lodging, and standard accommodations. In the future we will provide perks from our business partners.  Also, if ever interested in participating in a race, a discounted rate will be offered for our services.  Drop us a line if you're interested of being part of the Immortal Race Crew!

Territory Captains

We will be periodically looking to hire Territory Captains. These folks will typically be ultrarunners who have completed a 100 mile or more distance, volunteered at several races, have good standing in the ultra community and have the ability to develop and manage a Crew. Our goal and hope is to connect our community by having a vast network of runners that will have access to our services weather running, or Crewing. Contact us if you are interested of being part of the Immortal Race Crew as a Territory Captain. 


Immortal Partners

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Elevation Culture's goal is to create a unique and memorable experience for every athlete that shares the same passions and goals. Our roots begin with our love for the mountain trails. The best part is that each piece is created and handcrafted from athletes that share the same trails. They are MOUNTAIN INSPIRED just like Immortal Race Crew.