What qualifies as an ultrarunning event? Technically, running anything over 26.2 miles is considered an ultramarathon. The typical race distances are 50k, 50 miles, 100k, and 100 miles or more. Let us know what your adventure or race goals are and we will accommodate you.

What is an FKT Event? A FKT (Fastest Known Time) is when your goal is to run a route the fastest it has ever been run. Meaning, you intend to run it faster than the previous record holder.  

What is an Adventure Run? An Adventure Run is where you and maybe a friend or two want to run through a remote wilderness mountain range. Peak bagging, off trail scrambling, and self navigating for many hours. If it is remote and wild, we will work strenuously to make it a reality.

Why do I need a crew at an ultrarunning event? The purpose of having a Crew is to give you support, help you manage all of your needs throughout the course of the race. But having the right Crew takes on a whole new meaning, especially as the race wears on.  

How will your Crewing services be any different than having my friends or family Crew for me? Having experienced ultrarunners with a wide range of varying skill sets at your disposal is simply indisputable. There has been many instances in this sport where family or friends have made grave errors, gotten lost, catered to their emotional loved one’s distress, or impeded the runner’s ability to make it to the finish.  

What can I expect from having a professional race crew on my side? Punctuality, reliability, commitment, and accountability come to mind first and foremost. We want to raise the standard in what it means to Crew someone. But on a personal note your Crew will be the very people that are a part of our ultra community, and once committed will not let you down. You will be taken care of by lively, positive, determined people that will advance you to the finish line.

How many runners does the crew assist during any given event? This will entirely depend on the event in question. For instance some races, FKT’s, and Adventure Runs are more complex, logistically challenging, and very remote with difficult access points for aid. This might reduce the amount of runners that are signed on which may lead to adding another crew. Other races however, might be a loop course and less demanding therefore allowing us to assist multiple runners.

Why does this service cost so much and what does it include? Our services are designed to give you the ultimate Crew. It will be worth the extra cost after taking into account the amount of time we will spend preparing your race plan, coordinating a Crew Team, implementing accommodations, and physically being in the field. We thrive on providing you with a well organized, highly trained, accomplished team of individuals that want you to succeed.

Do you keep in contact with my family members to give them updates during my event? We will make every effort possible to provide our runners' status to their family or loved ones. This is dependent upon available cell reception and internet connection.

What is your cancellation policy? If you cancel your race and notify us 4 weeks prior to race day, we will issue a full refund. If you cancel 2 weeks before, we will refund you half of the fee. Preparing to crew events is costly and we can’t refund monies within 2 weeks of the event.

Will you provide food and refreshments aside from my personal items? We will provide the same basic accommodations you’d expect to find at a race aid station. We will pick up the key items you provide prior to the race so that they are at the locations you desire.

What happens if I decide to drop out of the race? A great deal may happen over the course of an ultra marathon so we will make every attempt to motivate you, but you will make the final call. If you decide to drop out of the race, we will make every effort to pick you up and/or return you to your vehicle. However, this will conclude our services.

Will I still need to have drop bags? Although we will have your specific items and gear, we highly recommend and encourage every runner to have drop bags. We will assist you in locating your drop bag when you arrive at the aid station.

Can my family members or friends assist your Event Staff while Crewing me? Your family and friends can assist our race event crew staff, but it is our job to work directly with you to ensure your success.