Immortal Race Crew Services

Below are our three levels of services to runners. All clients are required to fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the page. We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Crew Plan Consulting

Receive expert advice to help you prepare and execute your next ultra-distance event. We will provide a 2-hour phone consultation and produce a custom written plan that will take into account our in-depth experience with crewing both amateurs and professional runners.

Service includes:

  • 2 hour consultation about your race discussing the course, your goals and logistics
  • Customized course preview and planning for your goals
  • A written plan for you to provide to your crew that is tailored to your specific event

Fee: $250

Race Event Crewing

Our flagship service, Race Event Crewing means that we are your personal aid station and crew throughout your entire ultra-distance race.  Available at only a select set of races, this service allows athletes to only have to worry about one thing: getting to the finish line. We produce a written plan for each athlete and ensure that all your crewing needs are taken care of.

Service includes:

  • The Crew plan consulting services mentioned above
  • Personal crewing for the entire duration of your race
  • Presence at every accessible aid station with all your specific nutrition and supplies
  • Personal support throughout the entirety of your race
  • Communication with loved ones about your progress (assuming theres cell reception)
  • Runner pacing, if needed (for an additional fee)

This service may be limited to 15 athletes per event (Event Dependent)

Fee: $500-$1,000 per person depending on the event

Elite Crewing for Pro Athletes, Adventure Runs & FKT Attempts

This service for professional and elite runners is the platinum standard of race crewing. We provide multiple support crews providing for every need of an athlete during a race or adventure run, including: detailed race pace planning, split-times on the competition, scouting and pacing support.

Service includes:

  • Race consulting and crewing services mentioned above
  • Complete logistical support with multiple crews to ensure that the athlete has every scenario covered
  • Photography and/or video coverage of the event

This service is limited to one athlete per event

Fee: Event Dependent

Race Support Questionnaire 

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